Police Hobble Strap

The Police Hobble “Strap” Leg Restraints
The Police Hobble STRAP can be utilized for restraining the prisoners legs, ankles, or arms. The STRAP is built of 15kN nylon, a 27 kN locking carabiner and our unique 1 1/2 inch steel ring and is 57” in length. The carabiner allows for the STRAP to be locked to hinged or chain handcuffs, the steel ring, or to the STRAP itself (unlike any competitors hobble). Because of its special design, the STRAP can be used for a variety of restrain and escort positions. This model is ideal for agencies with current strap hobble policies in place. The STRAP comes with a 3 year repair or replacement guarantee. The Police Hobble Strap is high quality police supply equipment that works with all models of handcuffs. Ideal for all circumstances needing restraints including but not limited to; leg restraints, law enforcement restraints, body restraints, soft restraints, prison restraints, and hand restraints.

Police Hobble “Strap” – $29.99


Please Note: The PoliceHobbles effective designs allows for the use of various methods to restrain a combative subject. Restraining a subject by any means should be done safely and within the guidelines set forth by your employer’s policies and procedures. Also, please know the facts related to the serious medical condition known as Excited Delirium before restraining a combative subject.