Police Hobble MAX 1.0

The Police Hobble MAX 1.0 was designed and is the only leg restraint specifically for the Maximum Restraint Position (ankles to cuffs at 90 degrees). This hobble has been proven to be fast and effective and is extremely durable.

The MAX uses 11mm static rope, a locking 27 kN rated carabiner and a 1 1/2 inch steel ring and is 51” in length. The design makes the use of the hobble so simple and quick when dealing with a combative subject. Even taking the hobble off at the jail or at the scene is very easy. There is no alligator clip which can bind when dealing with a combative subject. The MAX comes with a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee.

Training video available.

Police Hobble MAX 1.0 – $29.99

Please Note: The PoliceHobbles effective designs allows for the use of various methods to restrain a combative subject. Restraining a subject by any means should be done safely and within the guidelines set forth by your employer’s policies and procedures. Also, please know the facts related to the serious medical condition known as Excited Delirium before restraining a combative subject.